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Copy-editing & Proofreading

My standard rate for copy-editing and proofreading services is £40/hour, and I edit at an average speed of 1200-1500 words/hour and proofread at a average speed of 2500-3000 words/hour. However, these speeds do shift depending on the type and complexity of the text.


Get in touch and I can provide an estimate based on your work and needs. If you would like a more exact quote, please include a short sample of your writing. I will edit this to determine my speed for your writing, and thus a more precise figure for the total cost. I also have per word rates available, if you would like an exact quote from the start.

*I also provide a discounted rate for students submitting their masters and PhD theses, as I believe everyone should have access to high quality editing. So, if you are a student, do get in touch to discuss.


My standard rate for copywriting services is £45/hour. Day rates also available. Get in touch and I can provide an estimate based on the project, time required, turnaround and your specific needs.

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