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"Editing might be a bloody trade. But knives aren’t the exclusive property of butchers. Surgeons use them too."   ~ Blake Morrison



Hi. I'm Shaina, an English-language copy‑editor, proofreader and copywriter with over a decade of academic, policy and digital media experience. I have a BA in Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University (NYC), an MSc in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (London), and I worked for years as a human rights researcher before retraining as an editor. 

Originally from the United States, I've been living in the UK since 2007 and am well-versed in both American and British English standards. In the academic and policy realm, I specialise in Gender Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Development Studies, and Migration, Diaspora and Refugee Studies. However, with my background and knowledge I am able to take on nearly any humanities or social science subject, and I particularly specialise in working with non-native English speakers. In the business realm, I am experienced in editing/writing proposals, bids, reports, marketing copy, newsletters, website copy, social media content, articles, blogs, and much more.

Get in touch and let's see how I might help you.

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I provide copy-editing, proofreading and copywriting services for academics, non-profits, research institutes, publishing houses, start-ups, digital media companies, film producers, and anyone else who requires high-quality, specialised editing and copywriting services at competitive rates. I take great pride in my work, and love being a part of the expression of ideas. Follow the link below for more detailed information on my services and how I might help you.


While many editors charge on word count, I've found this system often leads to either over or under charging. Two pieces may each be 1000 words, but the type and complexity of the text, as well as the author, can mean the editing time required can vary dramatically. Thus, I work on a hourly rate and will provide a quote based on complexity of the piece and the level of editing or writing required. For copywriting, I can also work on a day rate. Follow the link below for a detailed breakdown.



"I've been working with Shaina for 15 years now. As a producer and filmmaker, Shaina has worked with me on proposals for funding and script editing, and each time I've been amazed at how sharp, accurate, and professional she is. Not only will she make your paper better, but she will also help you to understand more about your own personal process. Her understanding of story & structure, alongside her acuteness and emotional intelligence, makes her one of the best editors I've worked with."

~ Shelly Ben Shachar, Filmmaker



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